Inspections performed by Cal Performance Termite Control inspectors are extensive and thorough.  We will not rush your inspection in order to get to our next appointment.  Protecting your home is our priority. We aim to increase the value of your greatest asset.


We offer Monthly, Bi monthly, and Quarterly Services.

Monthly service is generally used for preventative maintenance or heavy infestations. We can set up a schedule that is best for you and send reminders to prepare you for our arrival.

Bimonthly service is a great way to keep insects and pests clear from your living space. Most of our products have a 60-day guarantee, so if you have any problems in between services we will treat your home or business for free.

Quarterly This service can be used to maintain a pest free zone or may be needed when weather is temperate and pests are minimal.  Either way, quarterly service can be cost effective and pest-free effective too.


Get rid of rats and mice with CPTC. Rodents invade your space seeking food, water, and warmth and can contaminate your home with disease. Our team has the know-how and expertise to rid your space of these harmful pests.                     

Rodent Types   

•Cotton Rats 

•Deer Mice 

•House Mice 

•Norway Rats 

•Roof Rats            

 No matter the type of rodent, call CPTC for quick and efficient pest eradication services.


Cal Performance Termite Control offers inexpensive solutions to repair fungus and termite damage without breaking your termite budget. We get it done right and we get it done in time to provide our clients with a termite drama-free transaction.

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